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Warrnambool City Centre Renewal

The City Centre Renewal involves substantial upgrades to our main city centre streets to ensure they meet community expectations.

The more substantial work will be carried out in Liebig Street, the commercial and retail heart of Warrnambool.
Street surfaces will be improved along with footpaths, pedestrian crossings and street furniture.
Public art will also be a feature of the renewed Liebig Street.

The end result will be a city centre that is vibrant, attractive, more pedestrian and cycle-friendly and accessible to all regardless of age or level of mobility.

News and Updates

Council’s 21st century city centre will have electric car charging capability.
Wannon Water is currently undertaking work as part of the Warrnambool City Centre Renewal Project.
From March 7 to 9, the relocation of water valves will occur during split shifts at the Liebig Street, Koroit Street intersection.