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Youth Awards Nomination

Nominations are now closed

The Warrnambool and Moyne Youth Awards recognise and celebrate young people who are making significant contributions to their communities. Young people aged 12 to 25 years who live, study or work within the Warrnambool City Council and Moyne Shire are eligible to be nominated. 

Awards Ceremony

All young people nominated are recognised at an event on Friday 17 April at the Lighthouse Theatre, Warrnambool.


The Youth Awards are divided into three age categories: 12-15 years; 16-18 years; and 19-25 years. The Youth Awards in each age category will be given to nominees who have exemplified and demonstrated three of the following values through their efforts, attitude, behaviour and performance.

  • Cooperation
  • Resilience
  • Responsibility
  • Kindness
  • Passion

All nominees will be presented with a certificate.
The runners up in each age category will receive a $100 gift voucher, as well as a plaque.
Winners in each age category will receive a $200 award and a plaque.


This refers to the capacity for the individual to interact with and involve others, demonstrating the ability to work together to achieve shared goals. This can be shown through:

  • Team based activities, such as sports, debating, and community work
  • Openness to the ideas of others, such as with leadership, and many other roles
  • Inspiring others in the community to achieve their goals and succeed
  • Ability to make sacrifices for the benefit of others
  • Ability to act as a contributing member of the group

This refers to the ability for the individual to persevere through challenging circumstances. This can be shown through persisting through experiences such as:

  • Adverse personal or social circumstances
  • Limited opportunities
  • Discrimination

This refers to the ability for the individual to consistently show initiative and accountability. This can be demonstrated through experiences such as:

  • Positions of leadership or influence
  • Consistent participation in activities
  • Consistent adherence to beliefs and ideas
  • Ability to take risks and be accountable for outcomes

Refers to the ability for the individual to show compassion regardless of difference or circumstance. This can be shown through factors such as:

  • Being respectful of others within different contexts (sports, workplaces.)
  • Advocating or raising awareness of issues affecting others
  • Capacity for selflessness, such as through volunteering or charitable work
  • Fostering inclusive and equitable environments
  • Being thoughtful and considerate to others and the world

This refers to the degree of motivation shown by the individual for a cause, idea, activity or discipline. This can be shown through many motivational factors such as:

  • Advocating for beliefs or ideas that may reflect personal sentiments or history
  • Advocating or raising awareness of issues affecting others
  • Dedication and hard work for a discipline or ambition (arts, music, sports.)
  • Entrepreneurial or other related undertakings
  • Unwavering desire and commitment to personal, social, or environmental improvement

*Note: these descriptions merely form a guideline. There are many other factors that demonstrate an individual’s commitment to the selected values. *


  • Nominees must be aged between 12 and 25 during the 2019 calendar year.
  • Nominees must either live, work, volunteer or study in the Warrnambool and Moyne municipalities. Preference is given to nominees whose application displays involvement or participation within the Warrnambool and Moyne communities.
  • Applicants who have moved due to study or work commitments are still eligible to enter if they have lived, worked, volunteered or studied in Warrnambool and Moyne region over the previous 12 months.
  • Emphasis is given to qualities displayed within the nominated category over the previous 12 months. Consideration is still given to involvement in this category prior to these 12 months.
  • Nominees agree to allow the use of their nomination information for publicity purposes

Nominations close March 16 2020


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