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Public Question Time

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Council provides an opportunity for members of the public to submit up to two questions at an Ordinary Council Meeting. Questions will be answered at the meeting, or taken on notice and responded to in writing in the following days.

It is a requirement of Council’s Governance (Meeting Procedures) Local Law that questions to Ordinary meetings be in writing.

Questions must be submitted by completing the  Council Meeting – Public Question Time form which can be downloaded via the link at the right of this page.

To lodge a question, place your completed form in the Public Questions tray situated in the Council Chamber on the day of an Ordinary Meeting or by post to Warrnambool City Council, 25 Liebig Street (PO Box 198) Warrnambool, 3280.

People with a disability may seek assistance in filling out the form at Council’s customer service centre. However, a person wanting to lodge the form must be able to sign or make their mark on the form.

The cut-off time for receipt of public questions is 15 minutes after the commencement of the Meeting.

A question may not be read out at the meeting if:

  • the person submitting the question is not present at the meeting;

  • it is defamatory, indecent, abusive, offensive, irrelevant, trivial or objectionable;

  • it would embarrass a Councillor, member of staff or a member of the community;

  • it relates to personal, contractual, legal or confidential matters;

  • it deals with a matter already answered or dealt with in the Meeting’s agenda (e.g. a matter already considered and resolved upon by Council prior to Question Time); and/or

  • it may prejudice Council.

    Questions should be kept as brief and succinct as possible, using the space provided. If your question is unable to fit into the space provided, it may be more appropriately dealt with by way of a letter to the Council at PO Box 198 Warrnambool, Victoria, 3280 or via emailed to warrnambool [at] warrnambool [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au.

    No debate on questions asked or answers given is permitted during Public Question Time.

    For more information about Council Meeting Public Question Time refer to Clause 36 of Council’s Governance (Meeting Procedure) Local Law located on Council’s website – see Council Meeting Procedures.

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