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Older Drivers

Driving safely is not as much an issue of what age you are, but how fit and healthy you are - be aware of any driving limitations you may have and adapt your driving accordingly.

'Keep healthy, plan your driving and be careful on the road' is the key message for older drivers.


  • Use pedestrian facilities - lights, crossings, pedestrian refuges (eg. splitter islands) etc wherever possible.
  • Make eye contact with drivers so you know they have seen you.
  • Avoid driving at night and during peak periods.
  • Have regular health checks and talk to your pharmacist about the effects of medicines on driving ability.
  • Have a 'refresher lesson' to keep your road skills and knowledge up to date.
  • Prior to purchasing a new car, check the safety rating, and then keep it well-maintained.
  • Assess your own driving skills using the 'Victorian Older Driver's Handbook' - FREE from VicRoads.
  • Attend or arrange for your social group to attend an older drivers information session.

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