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Keeping your eyes on the road is essential for safe driving. But when you look at your phone, you’re oblivious to what’s around you. In fact at 50km per hour, even a 4 second glance at your phone means you travel almost 50 metres blind. What will you miss?

What you can do to avoid distracted driving?

  • Install the “do not disturb function on your phone”
  • Put your phone out of reach
  • Turn your phone on silent or off completely
  • As a passenger, speak up and encourage others to be safe
  • Purchase a blue-tooth

3 Simple Steps to plan not to use your phone.

  • Phone connected to Blue Tooth
  • Do Not Disturb switched on
  • Play-list, Podcast, Maps ect organised before you start the car.

How mobile Phones Distract

  • Physical distraction caused by handling your phone
  • Visual distraction caused by the amount of time you have your eyes off the road
  • Cognitive distraction- it takes your brain time to readjust focus back onto the road. You have been doing 2 mental tasks. This is different than taking a drink of water or changing the radio station.

To take part in a short survey about how you use your mobile phone please click here

The table below shows how far you travel at different speeds when you take your eyes off the road for just two seconds.

Travel Speed Distraction Time Distance Travelled (Metres)
40kmh 2 seconds 22.22
50 kmh 2 seconds 27.78
60kmh 2 seconds 33.33
80 kmh 2 seconds 44.44
100 kmh 2 seconds 55.56

The video below show syou how to turn on the "Do not Disturb" function on your phone

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