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At .05 your risk of being involved in a road crash is doubled. Alcohol affects us all in different ways. Remember, it’s in your hands. Blood Alcohol Concentration continues to rise after you have finished drinking.


  • Lots of factors affect how much you can drink before you can drive.
  • Remember to eat before you drink and while you drink.
  • Drink lots of water - hydrate yourself before you drink and while you drink.
  • Avoid alcohol whilst using medication or illegal substances.
  • Alcohol can affect you differently if you are feeling stressed or tired!
  • Try and count the amount of alcoholic drinks you have consumed per hour and stick to a limit.
  • Plan to drink; call a taxi or organise a designated driver.

Community programs

IT’S IN YOUR HAND - community breathalyser.

At some community events you can test your Blood Alcohol Concentration for free. You might be surprised.

VicRoads - alcohol, drugs and road safety

Learn about how alcohol and other drugs including medicines affect your driving ability and increase the chances of a crash and strategies to avoid driving while impaired.

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